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Homework Assignments Week 2.1: Data-Flow Analysis


Give three examples of control-flow in an imperative language.

Control-Flow Graphs

Consider the following code in an intermediate representation. Construct a control-flow graph of the program.

     c := r3
     a := r1
     b := r2
     d := 0
     e := a
l1:  d := d + b
     e := e - 1
     if e > 0 goto l1
     r1 := d
     r3 := c

Basic blocks

Construct a control-flow graph with basic blocks.

Live Variables

  1. Explain what it means for a variable to be live.

  2. Show the results of a live variables analysis on the above program for each line, at the point in the program before that line is executed. Consider variables r1, r2 and r3 live outside the program.


Verify your answers with the model answers.