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Homework Assignments Week 2.2: Monotone Frameworks

Data-Flow Analysis

Give an example of data-flow analysis used in type systems.


  1. In traditional set based analysis, what does a transfer function look like. What are the parts that the transfer function is divided into.

  2. What is the common problem in such a transfer function when the control-flow graph does not go further than statements.

Monotone Frameworks

If we correctly instantiate a monotone framework with transfer functions, a lattice instance, and initial analysis information, we get a data-flow analysis with a termination guarantee. What are the requirements on the transfer functions and lattice instance that result in this termination guarantee?

Monotone Framework Execution

  1. Executing a monotone framework instance involves propagating information along the control-flow graph. A topological order of the nodes would make sense for traversing the graph, running the transfer functions, and propagating the information. Why is it not possible to take a topological order of the control-flow graph in the general case? Is this problematic control-flow graph common?

  2. What is the solution to the above problem that still allows us to use a topological order?


Verify your answers with the model answers.