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Homework Assignments Week 1.1: Architecture

Submit your answers in WebLab (Assignment Week 1.1)

Compiler vs Language Workbench

Study the slides for the first lecture and read the paper “The Spoofax Language Workbench. Rules for Declarative Specification of Languages and IDEs” (OOPSLA 2010). (

Write a short essay discussing the following questions:

  • What is a language workbench?
  • What are the commonalities and differences between traditional compilers and language implementations developed using a language workbench?
  • Include a discussion of architecture and features

Types of Compilers

Give three examples of compilers. What type of compiler are these? What is the input and output language? Can you find different examples than we discussed in the lecture?

Domain-Specific Languages

Give three examples of domain-specific languages. For each DSL describe its domain, linguistic abstractions, and how it is typically used. Can you find different DSLs than we discussed in the lecture?